Analyzing traffic tickets using Ipython

I recently switched to Ipython for my data analysis and exploratory work. Although, I prefer Stata or R for any serious data analysis, Ipython has an incredible competitive advantage when it comes to sharing, publishing, and visualizing results. First, you can see the results below your code which makes it a very convenient way to learn about your data. Second, as I can show you here, it has the ability to transform your notebook into an html format within seconds. Thus, you can publish and/or share your code, work, and comments almost immediately without having to go to Latex or word to type it or make detailed comments in Stata for others to understand.

Click here so you can see a very quick data description of a dataset that tabulates traffic cities in the city of Uruguay. This work took me only 15 minutes from the time I started until I saved it as an HTML. The entire code is also available here in Github.